Notary, Legal Filings, Title & Document Search, Biomedical, Courier & Specialty Delivery Services in Pittsburgh PA

Daytrooper provides the medical and veterinary industries with a variety of specialized options for your particular pickup and delivery needs.

Daytrooper offers Biomedical deliveries for hospitals, medical labs, veterinay labs and other clients in need of specialized delivery services.

Biomedical and controlled substance deliveries require experienced personelle to ensure the safe transport of specimens and pharmaceuticals. Daytrooper supplies this expertise, offering an affordable and reliable resource for the medical and veterinary industry.

  • Specimen delivery
  • Blood delivery
  • Drug delivery to home health care patients
  • Controlled substance delivery

We will tailor a transport routine to suit your specific requirements, and offer dedicated, daily, weekly and monthly route delivery. This gives your company priority services that ensure timely pickup and delivery. We can also customize the transport medium (e.g. dry ice) as per your particular needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the various delivery options we have available. We strive to satisfy your needs, while ensuring reliability and timeliness that fits your schedule.

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